Circumcision packets in a Zambian hospital await their patients.

A TEAM of 20 medical experts from the United States of America (USA) is on the Copperbelt to provide health care services to the less privileged.
The Orphan Medical Network International (OMNI) mobile clinic team led by Karen ReMine is in the country for one week to provide health care services to eight selected clinics in Ndola and parts of Mpongwe.
Ms ReMine said OMNI is conducting the health services in partnership with the Rotary Club of Ndola to provide various health care services to the less privileged in the country.
The team carried out its first services to residents of Ndola’s Mckenzie Township yesterday from morning to 17:00hours.
She said the group of medical experts included physicians, obstetricians, dentists, pediatrician, nurses, and emergency technicians among others.
Ms ReMine said the response from the residents in the area was overwhelming as they appreciated the services as evidenced by the high turnout of people seeking medical attention.
“We usually conduct free health care services to the people in Mckenzie, this is our sixth year coming to Zambia, we are in partnership with the Ndola Rotary Club,” she said.
She said malaria, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)s, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS cases were among the most common sought for services by residents.
Ndola Rotary club president Martha Lungu said thanked the OMNI team for rendering their services to the vulnerable groups in society.
Ms Lungu hoped that OMNI would increase the clinics to be visited to ensure a large audience of people seeking the health services was captured.
“We have been working with OMNI in providing free health care services, we hope that they will increase the number of clinics and continue working with us for a long time,” she said.

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