President Lungu launches marine unit Nchelenge district

Edgar Chagwa Lungu
Edgar Chagwa Lungu stands on the ceremonial dias during the official Launch of the 48 Marine Unit in Nchelenge on Sunday, July 26,2015. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY

President Edgar Lungu has officially launched the country’s 48 Marine unit in Nchelenge District of the Luapula Province.

The Marine Unit to be manned by special forces would not only provide security in the area but curb illegal border crossing as well as ensure the enforcement of the seasonal fish ban.

President Lungu said in a speech obtained by ZANIS on the evening of JULY 26TH, 2015 , thanked the Chinese government and its people for the donation of some boats which make up the new unit.

“My Government shall forever remain indebted to  the People of China who have remained all weather friends.


“ I  also wish to thank the traditional leadership  for allocating  land to our special  forces for the construction of Marine Bases, “ he said.

The Republican President also thanked the people in the province for the support they have continued to render to troops since occupation  of Kala Baracks.

He urged the people in the province to continue supporting the troops so that they can serve them effectively for national development .

Edgar Chagwa Lungu
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu displays his fitness skill during the official Launch of the 48 Marine Unit in Nchelenge on Sunday, July 26,2015. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY:

‘It is through your support that government shall be able to deliver on its promises of One Zambia , One nation, ‘he said .

The President also revealed during the launch that he is leading negotiations with potential suppliers  of High-tech modern equipment benefiting the operations of special unites.


He advised that it was the responsibility of the special unit to go beyond military operations but include critical civilian operations such as institutions such as the Immigration and Tax authorities.

Mr Lungu said this would entail that military assets have be prudently and optimally used to increase revenue collection.


The establishment of the Unit  however comes with a lot of challenges adding that his administration will endeavor to deal with them in order to improve the well-being of women and men in uniform.

Mr Lungu has in this vain urged the defence personal to continue delivering their service with the existing infrastructure and equipment while government continues to mobilize resources.


The Republican President , who is at the same time the Defenhce and Security chief , said he was aware  that troops faced serious accommodation challenges, which he said his administration has already started alleviating.

“ Government has started work towards the construction of housing units and offices for the newly established Marine Barracks in Kawambwa and the Squadron in Nchelenge, “ he said.


Mr Lungu added that it was his wish that government continued with the country wide recruitment of Officers and soldiers to replace the human resources that has depleted by deaths, retirements, and discharges.


Even as the recruitment was being done , the President encouraged all the serving military personal to continue with the training programmes in anticipation of deployment  in  both local and international operations.

He cautioned the military personal not to engage in politics but continue to remain forcused and responsible to their duties.