China warns its nationals over illicit sexual activities

KK with Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Mr Yang Youming a this home (State Lodge area). - Photo Credit Jean Mandela -
KK with Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Mr Yang Youming a this home (State Lodge area). - Photo Credit Jean Mandela -

CHINA has warned of punitive action against its nationals working in Africa, particularly men who engage in illicit sexual activities.
Some Chinese men who are working in the construction sector in countries such as Zambia are found in both rural and urban areas.

Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Wang Xiaofeng warned that his government would not condone its nationals found wanting.
Mr Wang has since urged countries hosting Chinese nationals to ensure those who father children with local girls and women and fail to take full responsibility are penalised.
“All countries have different laws and nobody is above the law. Any illicit activity is an immoral behaviour and against our tradition.

So those found wanting should be punished,” he said.
Mr Wang was responding to questions here on Friday from seminar participants who expressed concern over some Chinese men allegedly impregnating girls and women in African countries and going scot-free.

This was when he made a presentation dubbed ‘Press Release of the Chinese government’ to participants at the on-going seminar for information officers and journalists from English-speaking African countries.
Mr Wang said that his government would ensure those who engaged in illicit activities were punished accordingly.
He said China was working well with many African countries through various bilateral economic areas of cooperation.

Former vice-president of China International Publishing Group Huang Youyi, who also made a presentation on the overview of China as a country of great diversity to participants, said Chinese nationals in foreign countries who committed crimes should be arrested and prosecuted because China did not condone criminality.

Professor Huang, who is also a political consultant, dispelled assertions that most Chinese nationals working in foreign countries were either convicts or ex-convicts.


Times of Zambia


  1. It’s because these chinese are plenty in zambia and they dont want them to be infected with hiv, cause I hear that when one is infected with hiv they kill them upon arrival when they go back to china.