GBM caned

Lubinda, GBM , Lungu PF
Lubinda, GBM , Lungu PF

A CROSS section of society has strongly condemned the near punch-up and tribal remarks attributed to former Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba (GBM) to fellow parliamentarians, Mfuwe’s Mwimba Malama and Obious Chisala of Chilubi.
MMD president Nevers Mumba said it was unfortunate that the lawmakers who should show exemplary personality at the honourable House could not exercise restraint.

Dr Mumba said as a leader, he condemned the violent behaviour exhibited by the MPs and urged the Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini to address the issue amicably to avoid future recurrences.
“Yes they are human beings who can be provoked and angered but they should not forget the responsibility on their shoulders of making the laws and representing their people. They are in Parliament to make laws, not to break laws,” he said.

Southern African Centre for Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) executive director Boniface Chembe described the fracas as unfortunate and that such a culture should not be entertained in Zambia.
“We do not expect, as SACCORD, our National Assembly to now start being the centre of exchange of punches among members of Parliament whenever differences, either political or personal views, arise,” he said.

Foundation for Democratic Process(FODEP) executive director McDonald Chipenzi said it was difficult to comment on the matter as there were two different stories on Friday’s altercation but urged all MPs to respect each other as they conducted their parliamentary duties.
Young African Leaders Initiative acting president Isaac Mwanza described the conduct exhibited by the lawmakers as uninspiring to young people.

Mr Mwanza challenged the MPs involved to step down if they had no better ways to represent the electorate in Parliament as the country was desperately searching for leaders who would inspire confidence in the Zambian people in addressing the challenges the country faced.
Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) executive director Pukuta Mwanza urged politicians to desist from tribalism.

“Talks of tribalism have led to serious civil wars, and genocide and parliamentarians should desist from such talks,” he said.
Former Copperbelt permanent secretary Christopher Mutembo said people in villages lived as one but politicians were the ones bringing tribal talk.

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  1. Wisdom is understanding something b4 u comment. So i was not there, the speaker was not there to comment. but the only thing i know is GBM will defend himself.

  2. this was athored by mwamba no truth in this and y can’t u conderm the ramarks by mr chama , with him he even proundly says tht he can’t apologies

  3. Nonsense at the highest level. just because GBM has joined UNPD, what ever he says is wrong. Yet this same people were quiet when Davies Chama made fun of the tonga people.

  4. Dark world who will be the sight, for the blind?. who will be the voice of the mute? who will be sound for the deaf?, who will stand up for those who can not stand?. Who but us. The ones this world will be ran by, who will be the comfort, for the beaten?, who will be the light in a world of darkness? who will stand up and make a change for the world, if we do not.who I ask? who will be us? No one will

  5. FODEP is the most useless organizations, which two versions is he refering to, its GBM who has a history of violent behaviour both in politics and his private life. Ask the wife and his workers

  6. UPND here comes GBM popular known for his insulting and mocking language . My advice take all your decent and well mannered members to a 3 month Anger Management clinic as the stage is set for uncontrolled insults and mockery from GBM .Chama made a mistake and GBM will deliberatey Make a Big mistake in UPND .Good luck .A fight with Malama was just a Kadyoko .that was a brother against a brother .