She was dating a “sugar daddy” & I fought hard to get rid of him

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JUSTICE Lewis Mumba talked tough to a couple whose marriage has broken down irretrievably after only six months saying it is because they had a faulty foundation.



This was after the man testified that when he first met his wife, she was going out with a married man.
Alexander Tembo, 28, of Garden Township said he had to wrestle Margaret Banda, 21, of Kabwe from the elderly man to marry her.
Tembo who was testifying in the Matero Local Court before Justices Lewis Mumba and Pauline Newa in a case where he sued Banda for


Marriage reconciliation was distraught when Banda refused to reconcile with him but opted for divorce.
He said when he met Banda, she was in a relationship with a married man.


“I fought hard to get her from him and I did. And while we were in courtship, she fell pregnant after which we started making preparations for marriage,” he said.
Tembo said they started by preparing for Banda’s Kitchen party while she was in Kabwe where she lived with her parents.
One day, they had an argument over the phone where Tembo said, Banda told him she could cancel the Kitchen party as there were other men who she could get married to.


He said their issue was resolved and thereafter Banda had her kitchen party but when she moved in with him, Tembo said he noticed strange behaviour from her as she was always on the phone.
Tembo said one day they had a difference and thereafter, Banda packed her bags and left for Kabwe.


When he followed her to Kabwe, he said her parents gave him back his bride price and told him there is no more marriage with Banda.
Banda told the court the reason she left Tembo is because he is fond of insulting her parents especially when drunk.
Justice Mumba ruled failed reconciliation while Tembo in shock stepped down from the dock shaking his head with tears in his eyes.