‘Embrace solar power’

solar panel - Stock Photo

A GERMAN company specialised in solar energy has urged Zambians to look for alternative sources of energy following increased power outages around the country.


Communications and Accessories International project manager Monica Magaya said solar energy was the suitable option in the wake of increasing power outages.
Zesco has warned consumers to brace themselves for increased power blackouts after reducing power output due to reduced water levels for power generation.


Ms Magaya said there was need for people to remove the perception that solar energy was meant for the rural population only who were not connected to the national power grid.
“Solar energy is very important particularly this time when we are experiencing increased load-shedding. Unfortunately there is a perception that solar is for the rural areas.


“Solar operates, is just like hydropower and it is even better because you are always guaranteed to have it unlike the current situation where power outages have become the order of the day,” Ms Magaya said.
The company has a footprint in Zimbabwe, Uganda, Mozambique and Tanzania.


It has also been contracted by the Government to install solar systems in schools, health centres as well as rural households in areas such as Kalomo, Lukulu and Isoka districts.
She said increasing access to solar energy would also cushion the burden on Zesco which had struggled to meet the ever increasing demand for power because of the boost in economic activities.