Sex boosters to blame for high defilement in Central Province


CENTRAL Province police commissioner Lombe Kamukoshi has attributed the defilement incidence in the area to the increasing number of men who are taking sex boosters.


The region recorded 246 cases of defilement last year, with Kapiri Mposhi leading with 84 cases, and Kabwe trailing with 79 cases, while Mumbwa and Serenje had 42 and 41 cases respectively.
Ms Kamukoshi said defilement is one of the major and common complaints that police in Central Province receive from members of the public.
“Reports indicate that a lot of men are taking aphrodisiacs but this has not been confirmed,” she said.
Ms Kamukoshi said from January and June this year, 100 cases of child defilement were reported to police; with Kabwe accounting for 43 cases, Kapiri Mposhi 27, Mumbwa 15 and Serenje 15.
She noted that the increasing number of child defilement cases being reported to police is as a result of sensitisation programmes being conducted in the province.
“The numbers have increased lately, and this is an indication that people are now more aware than before, and are willing to report cases of defilement to the police,” she said.
She said police are conducting research to establish the main drivers of defilement in the province in an attempt to find a lasting solution to the vice.
“We are still conducting research to found out why the number of defilement has escalated in the province,” Ms Kamukoshi said.
She urged people in the province to continue reporting defilement cases to the police and ensure that the girl child is protected at household and community level.



  1. No its not to be blamed. Its the pipo who use them who are to b blamed. They knw de effects it brings to them bt they still use it. Men are to b blamed.