Today marks four years since Chiluba’s death

Frederick Jacob Titus CHILUBA
Frederick Jacob Titus CHILUBA

Today marks four years since the death of second President of Zambia, Frederick Chiluba. He died on June 18, 2011, shortly after midnight. His spokesman, Emmanuel Mwamba, announced his death. Mwamba stated that Chiluba had a normal day on June 17, and even had time to meet some of his lawyers. He later complained of stomach ache.

Chiluba, a trade union leader, won the country’s multi-party presidential election in 1991 as the candidate of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD), defeating long-time President Kenneth Kaunda. He was re-elected in 1996. As he was unable to run for a third term in 2001, former Vice President Levy Mwanawasa instead ran as the MMD candidate and succeeded him. After leaving office, Chiluba was the subject of a long investigation and trial regarding alleged corruption; he was eventually acquitted in 2009.


  1. Dr Fredrick Jacob Titus Chiluba.. He was among the great men and women who led Zambia into Plural Politics in 1991. Later on when he became President declared Zambia as a Christian Nation ( MHSRIP ).

  2. ‘We promiss to deliver that which we promiss and deliver that which we can’ l will NEVER forget that statement. And Deliver, HE DID……!!

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