HH is to blame for Mulobezi attack -Chama


Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Davis Chama has castigated United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema for supporting his cadres, who attacked him and his entourage in Mulobezi on Saturday.


Mr Hichilema, reacting to the Saturday incident, said police must arrest Mr Chama because the violence was allegedly instigated by the PF camp.
Mr Chama said it is disappointing that Mr Hichilema, who is vying for the highest office of the land, has failed to censure his members and was instead supporting his cadres for allegedly using violence and committing a crime.
“These are political leaders whom we should not entrust with the leadership of this nation,” he said.
He said all well-meaning Zambians must condemn Mr Hichilema for supporting people who want to take away the peace and stability that the nation has been enjoying.
“Zambians should be wary of leaders such as Mr Hichilema, who has never come out in open to condemn violence whenever it is perpetuated by UPND members,’’ Mr Chama said.
Mr Chama has, however, advised PF cadres not to engage in any form of violence as they campaign for the June 30 by-elections.
And speaking at a press briefng yesterday, Mr Hichilema said Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani should arrest Mr Chama for alleged involvement in the shooting of UPND member Mushaukwa Mushaukwa, KELVIN CHONGO reports.
Commenting on the Mulobezi incident, in which Mr Chama and his entourage were attacked by suspected UPND cadres, Mr Hichilema said the police should be impartial in their handling of the matter.
Police in Western Province arrested UPND Sesheke MP Siyauya Sianga for allegedly being part of a group of people who attacked Mr Chama and his team in Sesheke on Saturday.
Mr Sianga, who was arrested along with Gerald Imanda and Godfrey Likamba, was found with a panga, axe and a pistol with seven rounds of ammunition in his car. The arrest was effected after a complaint by Mr Chama to Sichili Police Post.



  1. Pf drama too much…that is HH,s bedroom.chama u just wanted to bring confusion so that pipo can defect to your confusion party…leav HH alone.Buhata alubulati shaa.

  2. And who is to blame for the brutality of mulobezi guard at FRA premises by pf cadres yesterday