North-West to shift to PF – Kapita

Richard Kapita, Edgar lungu
Richard Kapita, Edgar lungu

FORMER United Party for National Development (UPND) vice-president Richard Kapita says his former party will be obliterated in North-Western Province.
And President Lungu will discipline Patriotic Front members who will not embrace newcomers to the ruling party.
Mr Kapita said individuals who consider him a political nonentity will have a shock of their lives with what will happen to the UPND in the next few weeks.
Speaking when some UPND members joined the PF on Saturday, Mr Kapita said the province will no longer be a stronghold of the UPND.
He said UPND will be lucky if it continues to exist in North-Western Province.

He vowed to prove his critics wrong because UPND will suffer mass defections, including senior members to PF.
“They consider me a nonentity and that I left UPND with only my family members, see all these people that have defected from UPND (pointing at UPND defectors who were being dressed in PF regalia by President Lungu),” Mr Kapita said.
He said this in an interview in Chavuma after several UPND members along with the Chavuma district executive committee defected to PF.
“People have realised that they cannot continue with the opposition UPND but support the ruling party which has demonstrated commitment to develop the entire country,” Mr Kapita said.
He said none of the former Presidents and politicians managed to get the blessings of the people of North-Western Province like President Lungu.
“This is because President Lungu has touched the hearts of people in the province by giving them the Chingola-Solwezi road, Solwezi-Kipushi road and township roads in all the districts, which they wanted most. People never thought this development will come so soon but they are even able to see progress being made,” Mr Kapita said.

And President Lungu received more than 300 defectors from the MMD in Chavuma.
“You are all welcome to the larger family, we need to work together so that we can develop this country. We are all ‘One Zambia, one nation’ whether Luvale, Lunda or Chokwe, we are one people.”
Mr Lungu promised to continue delivering development to Chavuma because people in the area are also Zambians despite the fact that they did not overwhelmingly vote for him.
He said citizens have the right to choose political parties they want to support.
“I am grateful that you have decided to join and work with the PF. In PF, we are not tribal and we work with each and everyone,” he said.