Policies and systems to block social media websites on cards


SECRETARY to the Cabinet Roland Msiska has said his office is working on policies and systems that will block certain social media websites being accessed in government offices during working hours.
Dr Msiska said President Lungu’s sentiments on Wednesday that most civil servants spend much of their time on Facebook and other social media networks at the expense of work, is a huge concern to the government.
On Wednesday, President Lungu directed: “This culture of sitting and posting stories on Facebook the whole day must come to an end.”

Speaking in an interview yesterday, Dr Msiska said Cabinet Office is working on a programme that will bar the use of certain social media sites during work hours.
“The hardware and software are already in place, and very soon, we will be filtering certain websites in Government offices. What the President said concerning social websites is very true,” Dr Msiska said.
He said his office is working on e-governance and Zamtel, together with the Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications is already rolling it out.
President Lungu has expressed concern that some civil servants waste time on social media such as Facebook.
And Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Yamfwa Mukanga said his ministry is working towards restricting civil servants from accessing certain social sites during work hours as over-use of such media is promoting laziness.
Mr Mukanga said his ministry will issue a directive to Zambia Information and Technology Authority to check sites that are abused and block them so that only those that are appropriate during work hours can be accessed.

He was speaking in an interview with journalists in Lusaka yesterday.
“It is sad that technology, which is meant to make work easier, is being abused by not only civil servants, but also those in the private sector. We want to see an empowered staff and work culture which will produce good results because things are not running properly,” he said.
And speaking during the commemoration of the Girls in ICT Day in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Mukanga called for the creation of a global environment that empowers and encourages young women and girls to consider careers in ICT.
He said Government, under the leadership of President Lungu, has demonstrated commitment to employment creation and entrepreneurship with ICT identified as a priority area.