Barring women from bars is sexist – Luo

zambian drunk woman
zambian drunk woman

Gender and Child Development Minister Professor Nkandu Luo has appealed to people at different levels of leadership to desist from making sexist comments that discriminate against both men and women.
Reacting to remarks attributed to a named District Commissioner that women should be banned from patronizing bars, Professor Luo says her ministry recognizes that abuse of alcohol by women, men and youths in bars is destroying the moral fabric of family lives.

Professor Luo however, notes that this cannot be solved by barring women from patronizing bars considering that both women and men have the responsibility to ensure that they look after their families to strengthen family ties.
She points out that she is aware that the ministry of Local Government and Housing has laws and regulations to guide when the bars should operate and the legal framework does not discriminate on the basis of gender.
Professor Luo says if women are going to be banned from patronizing bars, then it goes without saying that both women and men should be banned.
She further states that the suggestion that women should be banned from patronizing bars is against the Zambian constitution as well as the regional and international protocols such as the SADC protocol on gender.