Government on teacher recruitment

Village School in Simambwe, Zambia
Village School in Simambwe, Zambia

Ministry of Education Spokesperson Hillary Chipango says it is not possible for government to always recruit teachers at the beginning of the year.
The Professional Teachers Union of Zambia (PROTUZ) recently appealed to the government to begin recruiting teachers at the beginning of the year so that they begin the year with the pupils and have enough time to prepare.
But Mr. Chipango says teachers can only be recruited when enough resources are budgeted for such an exercise.
Mr. Chipango says teacher unions should in this case understand that teacher recruitment is not easy but that there is a procedure that has to be followed which is why it takes long at times.



  1. The calibre of some teachers of today leaves much to be desired. Government should now start interviewing teachers before they are employed so that only those who deserve it are employed. Not every jim n jack with a teaching qualification can be a teacher. We need teachers of yester years.