Flying Doctor Services to procure new aircrafts

Zambia Flying Doctor Service
Zambia Flying Doctor Service

The Zambia Flying Doctor Services will soon procure two aircrafts to further improve health service delivery.

Zambia flying Doctor Services Executive Director Fabian Kabulubu said the acquisition of the two air crafts will help the Service extend its operations countrywide as should be the case.

Mr. Kabulubu said this in an interview with ZANIS on March 27, 2015 in Ndola.

“As frying Doctor Services we are taking up this challenge of trying to see how we can improve on the services in terms of where we need to fly in the country to deliver health services, said Mr Kabulubu.

He said the Zambian Frying Doctor Service was also exploring how it could spread especially now that government was building new health facilities all over the country.

“These facilities are being built, we have to look at how we can deliver health services in the land as well as the area to improve the lives of the people in the country,” he explained.

Mr. Kabulubu added that Flying Doctor Services were moving into a stage where it was looking at procuring proper aircrafts so that they can be delivering intensive health care in all the areas where its services are needed.

And Minister of Health Joseph Kasonde said Frying Doctor Services has been in existence for a long time now and much as taken place since then.

“It is time that modernization of health services takes place and cover the all country with intensive care, this means that we are going to have health posts that will enable deliver health care in the country,” Dr. Kasonde said.