Fuel shortage hits in Solwezi

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The shortage of petrol being experienced in some parts of the country has hit Solwezi with three out of the four filling stations operating in the district running out of the commodity.


The three filling stations SGC, Total and Mount Meru only have diesel in stock.


A check by ZANIS in the central business area today revealed that only Puma filling station had the commodity which is anticipated to last up to about 15:00 hours today.


Attendants at the three filling stations declined to comment on when the commodity ran out and when it was being expected.


Puma employee who spoke on condition of anonymity said the filling station only had enough stocks to last up to about 15:00 hours today but was not sure when the next consignment would be received as their trucks have not yet been loaded.


Some motorists spoken to appealed to government to quickly intervene and normalize the situation.


They said the shortage was negatively impacting on productivity as a lot of time was being spent on queues.