Govt assures steady supply of fuel

Petrotech Oil Corporation
Petrotech Oil Corporation

Energy Minister Christopher Yaluma says the country has started receiving more fuel stocks in a bid to address the shortage being experienced in some places.

In an interview with ZANIS in Kasama today, Mr. Yaluma said government through his ministry has made arrangements to increase the in-flow of petrol in order to ensure that there is enough supply of the commodity countrywide.

He said about 29 trucks have already off-loaded fuel and more stocks will be received.

Mr. Yaluma explained that the shortage of petrol recorded in the past few days is as a result of the rise in demand for petrol.

He cited Lusaka where he said about 300, 000 litres of fuel is normally sold per day but over 700, 000 litres of fuel was sold yesterday.

He added that some motorists have been forced to buy fuel in bulk because they anticipated a shortage.

Mr. Yaluma has since assured members of the public that his office is working tirelessly to normalize the situation.

The minister was however quick to state that the country has enough stocks of diesel.