— Govt. ‘canes’shoddy local contractors

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Govt. ‘canes ‘shoddy local contractors

Zimba March 13, 2015 ZANIS—————— Government has expressed concern at the mediocrity works among Zambian contactors it is engaging in various development projects around the country.


Zimba District Council Secretary James Muwowo  says  government is concerned with the work attitude by most local contractors who he said often  fail to complete works on schedule.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Muwowo said a named contractor engaged to construct ten housing units  worth three point nine kwacha in his district was unable to do so for unexplained reasons.

The council secretary said  in an interview at his office that the named contractor that  two named local contractors have since abandoned the works  leaving  the project at slab level.


He revealed that the contractors  abandoned the works despite being paid by the Ministry of Works and Supply .


He said the Zimba district council has since resolved to recommend termination of the contract to the ministry headquarters.

And a check by ZANIS on the site found that works have been abandoned and the contractor is not on site leaving the building materials and some tools.