HH challenges PF to fulfills retirement age reversal promise

Hichilema Promises Equitable Distribution in North-Western Province
Hichilema Promises Equitable Distribution in North-Western Province

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has challenged the ruling Patriotic Front to honor its campaign promise to reverse the retirement age from 65 to 55 years with immediate effect.
Mr Hichilema who had an interaction with students and other young Zambians on various subjects says the UPND’s commitment has always been to create viable business environment to the working Zambians so that tHakaindehey can seek for other opportunities while they are still in their prime times of their lives.

He says the UPND looks forward to a situation where Zambians can be entrepreneurs early in their working lives so that they can happily create job spaces in the civil service and private sector jobs for young people.
Mr Hichilema states that Zambians at an early stage should equally be employers of many other young people that are completing their tertiary training from colleges and universities.
He adds that it is also clear that the education curriculum is still too theoretical needs urgent reforms so that student graduates should not only look for jobs, but should be in a position to venture into meaningful job creation activities as well.