ECA says industrialisation is a political project

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ECA says industrialisation is a political project

Lusaka, March 12, ZANIS–The Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) says Industrialisation is a political project that requires unorthodox thinking, difficult policy choices, innovation and creativity.


ECA Southern Africa Regional Director Said Adejumobi said industrialisation is a political project which requires an economic strategy.

Mr Adejumobi explained that industrialisation is about making correct policy choices, creating the necessary institutions and incentives and summoning the political will to do things in the most unconventional ways.


ZANIS reports that he was speaking in Victoria Falls Town in Zimbabwe at the official opening of the 21st Session of the Intergovernmental Committee of Experts (ICE) on Accelerating Industrialisation in Southern Africa through Beneficiation and Value Addition.


This is according to a statement released to ZANIS by the ECA in Lusaka this evening.


And Mr Adejumobi said that the African youths will have to be a major part of that unorthodox thinking in Africa’s path to the future.


Speaking at the same meeting, Africa Union Regional Delegate to Southern Africa, Salif Sada Sall said that Africa’s Development Agenda 2063 had singled out value addition and beneficiation as one of the key priorities.


Mr Sada Sall however called for Africa to scale down on exporting raw materials.


Zambia is represented at the meeting by senior government officials among them from the Ministry of Finance.