Kalambo Falls road bridge collapses

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Kalambo Falls road bridge collapses


Mbala, March 11, 2015. ZANIS– A bridge at Chilambo stream on the Kalambo Falls Road in Mbala has again collapsed following the washing away of the steel culverts and logs due to heavy rains.


Mbala District Commissioner, Best Kabulembe who conducted a spot check in the company of the Acting District Works Supervisor, Davies Mulenga confirmed this to ZANIS today.


Mr. Kabulembe said the collapsing of the bridge has made the road from Mbala to Kalambo Falls and other surrounding villages become impassable.


He said the bridge which was last worked on in 2013 with K5,000.00 funding from the Provincial Disaster and Mitigation Unit collapsed last night due to heavy moving equipment that were working on the road weakening the infrastructure.


The District Commissioner has appealed to motorists to temporarily stop using the Kalambo Falls road until further notice.


During the inspection, the District Commissioner found one truck laden with bags of charcoal destined to Mbala township marooned on the other side of the stream.



  1. Sad. I know this bridge very well. Some time back in the early 90s, we set camp and spent a night by this bridge during the then Outward Bound Training outings.
    Under this bridge lived a huge snake called Mwine Chilambo. I saw this huge snake when I went to fetch water for preparing our evening meals. I was very scared.
    When the little girls from near by village came to draw water, I cautioned them about the presence of the huge snake that had just gone under the bridge. The little girls un worried just replied to me and said, “its Mwine Chilambo and he lives under this bridge”.
    I have never forgotten the immense size of that Mwine Chilambo snake which I saw at this collapsed bridge site.