HH’s appetite to creat job internships for students, entrepreneurs

United Party for National Development president Hakainde Hichilema
United Party for National Development president Hakainde Hichilema
I had wonderful interaction with a number of students and other fellow young Zambians on various subjects.

But of course, the usual cry that comes up is the need for urgent action in addressing their plight, especially lack of meaningful job opportunities.

One of our main campaign commitments that we would have addressed by now would have been an immediate reversal to the retirement age from the PF’s 65 years back to 55 or even 50 years.

This measure alone would have guaranteed immediate job spaces for a number of our highly trained and vibrant young people currently roaming the streets of our cities.

It is important that our colleagues in the PF, who equally promised the same, honor this commitment of reversing the retirement age with immediate effect.

Our commitment has always been to create viable business environment to the working Zambians so that they can seek for other opportunities while they are still in their prime times of their lives.

We look forward to a situation where Zambians can be entrepreneurs early in their working lives so that they can happily create job spaces in the civil service and private sector jobs for young people.

Zambians at an early stage should equally be employers of many other young people that are completing their tertiary training from colleges and universities.

Another thing that keeps coming up in our interactions with students is the lack of spaces for industrial attachments in most organisations where they can practice their trade while doing their training.

We believe some form of incentives can be created for organisations that offer internships to specific number of our students from learning institutions, especially in private sector.

It is pointless to be asking for years of experience when engaging these young graduates when opportunities are not being created for them to practice their trade while in training institutions.

In addition it was also clear that our education curriculum is still too theoretical. It needs urgent reforms so that our student graduates should not only look for jobs, but should be in a position to venture into meaningful job creation activities as well.

Otherwise, it was quite refreshing to chat with our youths from various learning institutions, despite the usual depressing stories of their joblessness.

As earlier announced, we shall soon engage on our countrywide tour to further interact with other fellow Zambians and thank them for the votes in January 20th elections.

Have a wonderful day to you all and God bless.


Hakainde Hichilema