Lenje chief wants more women honored

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Lenje chief wants more women honored

Chisamba, March 10, 2015, ZANIS—Chief Chamuka of the Lenje speaking people in Central province has called on the government to consider honoring more women freedom fighters this year.

ZANIS reports that the Lenje chief said it was important for government to recognize the role that women played during the struggle for independence.

Speaking during women’s day celebrations in Chisamba on Sunday, Chief Chamuka stressed the need for the media to go into the rural districts and highlight activities undertaken by the women that helped the struggle for independence.

He said government had for a long time honored more men than women during national events because very little has being done by the media to highlight the efforts of the women during the struggle for independence.

The chief has said that women play an important role in the social economic activities of the country hence the need to ensure that they are empowered.

“I am appealing to the government to consider more women cooperatives this year in order to empower them” said chief Chamuka.

 “ The activities of our women in the district and in the country are rarely highlighted, we mostly hear on radio, read in newspapers and watch on T.V about men in sport and other activities but little is reported about women, does it mean that they are not doing anything?” asked Chief Chamuka.

The Chief however appealed to women to help stop Gender Based Violence (GBV) and early and forced child marriages.

He said women have an important role to play because they spent most of the time with the children at home.

The chief also urged women to take a leading role in curbing tribalism and regionalism.