— Fuel shortage hits Choma district

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Fuel shortage hits Choma district


CHOMA, March 10th, 2015, ZANIS —-  A critical shortage of fuel has hit Choma  District in Southern Province for  the past three days.


A Check by ZANIS at all filling stations in Choma town today found long queues of motorists waiting for their turn to buy fuel at Puma filling station which is the  only filling station with the commodity in the entire district.


A  concerned motorist in Choma, Collins Chilala said he had been on the cue since 05 hours this morning but still failed to buy the commodity at about 12 hours.

“The town has had no fuel since Sunday, and now only one filling station of the five in town has fuel which has caused panic among the motorists”, he said


Mr Chilala who described the situation as serious said he had resorted to buying ‘changanya ( raw fuel ) ‘  from the call boys  at a higher price.


He has however appealed to Government to address the shortage of fuel in the provincial capital as day to day operations of the people have been greatly affected.


And Choma Garage Puma filling Station supervisor Doubt Mukonka said the filling station ran out of petrol on Sunday and had no hope of receiving fuel any time soon.


He said the filling station has in the past three days trying to make efforts  to collect petrol from Lusaka but failed as there source is equally in short supply.


“We have no hope of receiving fuel anytime soon because the shortage is not just here but even in Lusaka where we get the fuel,” he said.


Meanwhile Motorists are happy with the reduced price of fuel but want the Government to ensure constant supply of fuel in Choma as the shortage of fuel is becoming a trend.