Women demand for cervical cancer screening in Itezhi Tezhi

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————————-Women in Itezhi Tezhi district in central province have urged government to provide cervical cancer screening services within the district.


Itezhi Tezhi District Women’s Chairperson Florence Mulambe said many women who cannot access cervical cancer screening services risk dying silently if no screening service is introduced in the district.


Speaking during the International Women’s Day celebrations held at St Paul’s hall yesterday

Mrs Mulambe said most women especially from rural areas in Itezhi Tezhi are unaware of their cancer status because they have never been screened.


“We need government to provide the cervical cancer screening services in Itezhi Tezhi district. The available district hospital has no experts or equipment to carry out such services” Mrs. Mulambe said.


She pointed out that a number of women cannot afford to travel from Itezhi Tezhi district to access such services due to distance and financial constraints.


Itezhi Tezhi district has only one district hospital to carter for more than 67,000 inhabitants and the hospital has apparently no specialized experts to carry out cervical cancer services.


The district which was established as a health centre for workers building the Itezhi Tezhi dam in 1970s has also seen its infrastructure deteriorate over years.


Meanwhile, Mrs. Mulambe expressed concern over the increasing number of gender based violence, child marriages and early marriages in Itezhi Tezhi district.


Mrs. Mulambe said gender violence and defilement cases are so prevalent in Itezhi Tezhi district and there was urgent need to curb these social problems.


And speaking at the same function, Itezhi Tezhi District Administrative Officer Akatama Malikana who represented the District Commissioner at the function   said government recognizes the contribution of women to national development.