Peasant farmer jailed for assault

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Peasant farmer jailed for assault


Chinsali, March 4, 2015, ZANIS…A 45 -year- old peasant farmer of Shambela farms in Chinsali district has been convicted and sentenced to two years imprisonment with hard labour on charges of assault.

Facts of the matter are that 16th February 2015 Charity Mwansa assaulted Anthony Mukuka, a fellow peasant farmer aged 22 years of the same village.

It is alleged that Mwansa poured hot boiling water on the Mukuka‘s stomach therefore occasioning him actual bodily harm contrary to section 248 of penal code chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

When asked why she committed the offence , Mwansa told the court that Mukuka forced it on himself following the amount of insults he shower on her which led to a fight.

In passing judgment, Chinsali magistrate Shaderick Chanda said he heard all that the convict had said in her mitigation despite the court having found her guilty out of her own admission of guilt.

Magistrate Chanda said the amount of burns inflicted on Mukuka‘s stomach were deep and severe which would have led to his death if luck was not his side on the material day.

Magistrate Chanda further said it was for that reason that the court was sentencing Mwansa to 24 months simple imprisonment.