Govt urge to reduce unemployment levels

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—-The Unemployment Association of Zambia (UAZ) has appealed to the government to work towards reducing unemployment levels in the county.


The country has a record of 28 percent of unemployed youths below the age of 35.


Speaking in a telephone interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today, UAZ President Dalitso Mutambo said the levels of unemployment throughout the country should be put to an end.


Mr. Mutambo said unemployed youths tend to use unaccepted means such as prostitution to generate income.


He however, said the call by Vice-President, Inonge Wina to stakeholders to work closely with the church and other institutions to help bring up morally upright youths is a good and timely one.


He said the call will also help in the reduction of prostitution levels because the youths will grow in a Christian environment thereby restraining them from uncalled-for behaviour.


The aim of the Association is to address social and economic challenges of young people throughout the country.