“…let them kill me instead.” – Grayzer Matapa

grayzer matapa
grayzer matapa

“Instead of them continuously harassing my family and destroying my property. Let them come after me……..let them kill me instead.” These were prophetic words said by our comrade Grayzer Matapa who’s life ended gruesomely said on 5th February 2015. Glayzer had barely breathed his last when Edgar Lungu in his lack of wisdom made a comment on what was clearly a criminal act.

Soldier was a man of many talents, he brought life into Munali Constituency. He was fearless. He brought with him a certain resolve that scared PF to the point they hated his guts. It is this hate that led to his murder. It does not matter what PF says today, this death of Soldier is written PF all over it. This is the 4th politically motivated death since PF took over power. These deaths are becoming one too many and they have no conclusive end yet the killers are well known.

What does this then say about our police? It says a lot. It means that the police have become a tool for state terrorism. How can police marshal three Labdcruiser pick-ups to throw teargas when Soldier’s burial procession is taking place yet they could not act when he warned them about his impending death? What kind of police is this? Are we safe in this country? Grayzer was shouting for help and the police closed their ears until his life was taken away in a desecrated manner. As though this desecration was not enough, his burial has been marred by interference from the state, what is wrong with his people carrying him all the way from St Anns to Leopards Hill Memorial? Why should they be forced to carry him any other way but that which they have chosen? This is a country that claims to be a Christian nation, but its people are so barbaric that it is mockery to God to state in the constitution, that Zambia is a Christian nation. This is not a Christian nation. This is a nation full of vindictiveness, vengefulness, hate, jealousy and murderousness? What have we become? Wild animals? Zambia under PF is the same as the Serengeti Game Park in East Africa, even the animation Madagascar is more decent than the PF Zambia. None of these so called Government leaders are committed to right the wrongs of their cadres, as a matter of fact they are thriving on the fear they are creating.

Colleagues in UPND, this is not time to sit back and be cowed. This is the time to use whatever means you have to protect yourself from these jackals. They know no law; they are sponsored by the same units that are supposed to protect us the people. This cannot go unabated. This has to end by whatever means. An eye for an eye, maybe that is what is going to end it once we are all blind. If we have to leave a safe country for our children we have to be drastic about the actions we take to maintain peace. We cannot have people killed for drinking their favourite castle beer. What kind of reasoning is that? Coming from the highest office in the land, we should worry. But UPND knew, that is why we put up a spirited campaign to take over Government and restore order in this country. If we are not being told to leave the country we are being told we will be crushed. Well, let Edgar try to use state means to maim us and he should be ready to sit in the same seat that Charles Taylor and many others occupied at The Hague. We shall not leave him alone. We though Edgar knew what a President is supposed to do. Clearly he has no idea what responsibilities come with the Presidency because he has no vision anyway.

After all is said and done. UPND will only be stronger. We shall rise again with millions of Grayzers. We shall rise again with a million young people. We shall rise again with a million fold resolve to ensure that what our comrade died for is realized, and that is a secure country where people can drink beer whether in state house or Mtendere East, but still be secure either way!

Hamba Kahle Comrade. Aluta Continua!