ZAF observes Air Force day

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—-The Zambia Air Force (ZAF) has observed the air force day with activities lined up at city airport in Lusaka today. 


Various ZAF airplanes were displayed for the public to catch a glance of some of the mode of transport and equipment used by the uniformed Air staff displayed during the air force day commemorations.


A check by ZANIS found curious on lookers cuing for a life time opportunity to board a ZAF plane while others sized the opportunity to get pictures in the cockpit of the planes.


The public were also given an opportunity to tour the hanger were ZAF planes are repaired and serviced by its qualified engineers.


And Speaking to ZANIS news in an exclusive interview, ZAF Director for Public Relations Colonel Mwaka Simasiku explained that the commemorations of the Air Force day is aimed at celebrating the first appointment of a Zambian to the rank of Air Force Commander.


Colonial Simasiku further explained that the ZAF staff use the air force day to reflect on the achievement made by the institution from the time it changed from Rhodesia Air force to Zambia Air Force.


She said ZAF is using the commemoration of the air force day to enhance its interaction relations with the members of the general public.