Tribalism worries SDA Clergyman

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 The Central Zambia Conference (CZC) of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church has condemned tribalism which it says was slowly also affecting the Church.

The SDA Central Zambia Conference is concerned that if not checked tribalism may land the country into terrible divisions that might also affect the Church.

 The Church is further worried that tribalism was dividing people even in the Church.

CZC President, Mundia Liywali, warned Christians in the church not to allow tribalism that was much talked about in politics to penetrate the body of Christ.

Speaking during a seminar for church elders and their spouses at Central SDA church in Kabwe yesterday, Pastor Liywali expressed worry that tribalism was slowly affecting the Church.

The Clergyman said the Church was the body of Christ in which all should look at each other as brothers and sisters regardless of their different backgrounds.

Pastor Liywali noted that tribalism was previously practiced at low ranks but that it had now grown to unprecedented levels and sadly in some cases led to deaths due to increasing intolerance.

He said nobody wished to be born to a particular tribe but that it was God’s wish for all to be what they were and therefore nobody should look upon another because of tribe and called for love for one another.

Pastor Liywali called on the Church to speak against tribalism in Zambia because Jesus Christ died for everyone.