Take up professional careers, women told

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Bank of Zambia Deputy Governor for Administration Tukiya Kankasa has urged women in Zambia to take up professional careers in order to reduce gender disparities that exist between them and men.


Dr. Kankasa said women should join professions such as accountancy that has for a long time been a male dominated career.

She told ZANIS in interview that accountancy was no longer viewed as a career for the male folk only.


Dr. Kankasa has since urged parents to value the education of the girl child because they can perform better than men.


She also advised women in leadership to have a responsibility of being role models because the young generation looks up to them.


Meanwhile, Dr. Kankasa said the Bank of Zambia board has approved a gender specialist who is meant to monitor the participation of women in the financial sector.


She said the board has approved a gender specialist to ensure that there was a participatory gender field to monitor women’s access to management positions in the banks.


Dr. Kankasa noted that the growth in the banking sector has created new windows of opportunity for women to find employment in the sector.


She stressed that boards that were gender balanced provide more superior results because women introduce innovative ideas and contribute effectively towards the country’s economic development.