Bus and Taxi drivers welcome RTSA’s installation of speed monitors

Traffic accident kills 3, 16 seriously injured in Mwinilunga
Traffic accident kills 3, 16 seriously injured in Mwinilunga

The Bus and Taxis Workers Union has welcomed the  Road Transport and Safety Agencies (RTSA) of installing GSP monitors to  be observing  all road user’s speed limits on Kafue and Kabwe roads.



The Union president James Liambai said Zambian should support RTSA for the idea as it will benefit the travellers.



Mr. Liambai disclosed the development in a telephone interview with ZANIS in Lusaka on Saturday February 21st.



He said the GSP will help to reduce road accidents in the country more especially on Kafue and Kabwe roads where accidents are common.



Mr. Liambai observed that the absence of GSP in Zambia has contributed to high road accidents rate  recorded in the past years because many drivers were consciously overspending.




He   said his Union  is going to work  with RTSA   to ensure that all motorists adhere to  the speed limits which will be decided late when the program is effective.



Last Thursday, 17th, February,  2015, RTSA  executive Director  Zindaba Soko announced that  RTSA  will soon install in GSP electronic machinery to be observing road users suggested Kafue and Kabwe road in order to reduce road accidents in the country.