— WILSA supports Nchito’s Nolle Prosequi

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WILSA supports Nchito’s Nolle Prosequi



Lusaka, February, 21, 2015, ZANIS—Women in Law in Southern Africa (WILSA) Regional Coordinator Matrine Chulu  says her organisation finds nothing wrong in Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Muntembo Nchito entering a nolle prosqui in in the case he is facing.



Mrs Chulu says as WILSA is in support  Mr. Nchito’s decision  to enter a Nollle Prosequi in the matter in he is   facing alleged criminal charges.




She said there is nothing wrong in Mr Nchito decision as he was merely responding accordingly to alleged charges levelled  against him.



She said the move by the DPP to use his powers in the matter in which he is involved is a way of defending himself  further stating that he would have also done the same if he was representing another person.



Ms Chulu said Mr Nchito’s action is a landmark decision as he has set precedent .



In his argument for entering the nolle prosequi, Mr. Nchito told the court  recently that he has been forced to use the powers vested in him under the constitution to stop the criminal proceedings against him because he does not think the due process of the law has been followed.