First Lady wants concerted efforts to fight early marriages

Campaign to End Early Marriages

First Lady Esther Lungu has called for concerted effort in addressing escalating cases of early marriages in the rural areas of Zambia.


Speaking to journalists yesterday in Lusaka, Mrs. Lungu said the increasing reports of early marriages in rural areas were worrying.


She said there was need to initiate interventions that will seek to address the causes of early marriages in rural areas.


However, Mrs. Lungu expressed happiness that government was doing something to curb the cause of the vice among school going girls.


The first lady said that issues of early marriages nearly affect all the African countries.


Mrs. Lungu revealed that African First Ladies are therefore concerned with the increasing cases of early pregnancies and marriages among the African girls in the continent.


She said in the last meeting which she attended in Addis Ababa, it was agreed that intervention be initiated that will assist in alleviating early marriages.