— Women in Kasama use snuff as an aphrodisiac

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Women in Kasama use snuff as an aphrodisiac


Kasama, February 17th, 2015,  ZANIS— — A traditional birth attendant in Kasama Mercy Chansa advised women in the country to desist from using sexual aphrodisiacs like smearing  snuff  locally known as Insunko on their private parts to avoid developing cervical cancer.



Ms. Mercy Chansa, 48, a resident of Henry Kapata village in Kasama observed that a lot of women were often times smearing and inserting snuff  in their private parts to ‘warm’ their bodies to boost their sexual appetite.



Ms. Chansa urged women to appreciate the away God made their bodies adding that using such herbs only destroys their soft tissues resulting in the development of cervical cancer.


ZANIS reports that the traditional birth attendant said this in an in interview in Kasama district, today.



She dispelled rumours doing the rounds in the area  that the sniffing stuff protects them from contracting sexually transmitted diseases, saying there was no scientific evidence to prove the assertion.



The traditional Birth attendant has since challenged women to come out in the open and engage government to carry out medical trials to ascertain there claims.



Ms. Chansa also appealed to men to accept the biological makeup of women and support their womenfolk in fighting diseases like cervical cancer.