Kabimba feels vindicated he is popular

kambwili kabimba
kambwili kabimba

Rainbow Party President Wynter Kabimba says the exodus of Patriotic Front members joining his party has proved wrong those who claimed he was unpopular during his reign as PF Secretary General.

Mr Kabimba says many of the people that have joined his party from the time it was formed are PF members.

He says this is a contradiction of the picture painted then that he was very unpopular during the time he served as PF Secretary General.

Mr Kabimba states that the groups of people that celebrated his removal as PF Secretary General were rented as part of the power play that he was very unpopular.

He says the number of PF members joining his party only goes to show that his portrayal as a bad person was a scheme by the power centres in the PF.

And Mr Kabimba says he does not regret having been a member of the PF, stating that he has drawn a lot of lessons from both the failures and successes of the ruling party.

He was speaking when he appeared on Muvi TV’s the Assignment.


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