Religious Ministry not necessary- Church Mother bodies

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————- The church mother body has
rejected a suggestion for the formation of an independent religious ministry to
monitor all faith based organisations (FBOs) in the country.


Jesuit Center for Theological Reflection President Leonard Chiti says
it is not necessary to have a stand-alone ministry to run religious
matters because there are a number of established channels where
religious issues can be addressed.


The suggestion was made by the National Marketeers Credit Association (ZANAMACA) President Mupila Kameya to President Edgar Lungu.

Father Chiti said Zambia has adequate mechanisms that engage religious
prospects through integrating different denominations.

And Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) Executive Director Pukuta
Mwanza said a religious ministry would not achieve any special
objective than those already achieved by current government line

Reverend Mwanza said there is no room for such a proposed formation of
a ministry because the Ministry of Home Affairs which runs the affairs
of churches and other matters like registration of churches is done
through the Registrar of Societies.

Rev. Mwanza observed that forming another religious ministry would be
a complicated one and would not perform any special duty.

The Christian Coalition Secretary General John Mwendapole said they
cannot support such a move because the church is regulated by the Holy

Mr. Mwendapole said no individual can regulate a church even with the
formation of that proposed ministry because only the Holy Spirit
regulates a church.

National Marketeers Credit Association (ZANAMACA) President Mupila
Kameya is quoted as having called on President Edgar Lungu to form a separate
ministry to be in charge of religious matters.