Lubinda to encourage conservation farming

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—–Agriculture and Livestock Minister Given Lubinda says his priority assignment in the Ministry is to enhance conservation farming in order to improve food productivity in the country.


Mr. Lubinda said apart from that he will also focus on research on livestock and crop husbandry.


Speaking in an interview with ZANIS, Mr. Lubinda said the Ministry has a team of experts endowed with knowledge and expertise to raise the agricultural production.


Mr. Lubinda said he is humbled by the appointment to the country’s important sector adding that he would apply his knowledge in agriculture having been trained and worked for NORAD as a senior programmes officer in charge of natural resources and agriculture.


He pointed out that he would listen and get guidance from experts and all other players in the agriculture sector including small scale farmers to improve the country’s agriculture sector.


Meanwhile, the newly sworn in Minister of Agriculture said there is need for government to provide technical back-up to encourage people venture into fish farming.


Mr. Lubinda suggested that research on specific type of fish to be grown in different ecological zones in the country is cardinal.


He said government need to provide extension services to fish farmers as well as opening up dams to plant fish in view of the stock shortfall which is being experienced.