President Lungu Leaves for Angola tomorrow

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——-President Edgar Lungu will tomorrow leave for Angola on the invitation of that country’s President Eduardo Dos Santos.


President Lungu made the announcement shortly after swearing in his Cabinet at State House saying the visit is beneficial to the country.


He said the invitation is a great honour as he will witness the launch of a Road that links Zambia and Angola.


President Lungu said among the people that will attend the event is Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila.


Mr Lungu said he is aware that some critiques are condemning the visit but has assured the nation that the trip is in the interest of Zambians.


Meanwhile President Lungu has assured that the names of his Deputy Ministers would be announced before Parliament resumes sitting.


He has also noted that some ministers would be maintained and some are to be dropped.


The head of state said he would also make changes on the level of Permanent Secretary and District Commissioners.


He said on District Commissioners, he is involving the security wing of government to scrutinize people to be appointed.


President Lungu said he would be back in the country on Saturday and in His absence Vice President Inonge Wina would act as President.