ZEMA accused of double standards

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Oasis Oil filling Station Katete Site Manager Morris Daka has accused the Zambia Environmental Management Authority (ZEMA) of denying Katete a second filling station.
Mr. Daka told ZANIS in Katete today that his company had for a long time been pushing for the construction of a filling station in Katete but that it faced many obstacles.
He pointed out that it was unfair for the people of Katete to be depending on one filling station for the supply of fuel in the district after 50 years of Zambia’s Independence.
Mr. Daka who has challenged ZEMA to give sufficient reasons as to why they should not permit the construction of Oasis Oil Filling station in Katete stated that his company has met all the conditions and obligations set by the Energy Regulations Board (ERB) and the environmental body itself.
He explained that his company has a certificate of authorization from the Eastern Planning Authority allowing them to construct the filling station in Katete adding that the ERB also agreed to the project but was waiting for authorization from ZEMA so that it could issue a certificate to the project.
He said at the beginning of the project ZEMA raised the issue of the location of a house belonging to a Mr. Edward Zulu that was close to the plot where the filling station was to be built.
Mr. Daka said after several meetings with Mr. Zulu and the District Commissioners office and the Council Secretary it was agreed that Oasis Oil Filling station buys another house for Mr. Zulu as compensation.
He added that going by the agreement from both parties Mr. Zulu was relocated after Oasis Oil Filling station bought him a house within the district worth K50 000.00.
He however expressed disappointed at ZEMA’s response today that has requested his company to appeal to the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources if they were not happy with the response from ZEMA.
Mr. Daka stated that his company is frustrated and disappointed that some institutions mandated by government to give people a service was blocking the construction of a second filling station which has been the out-cry for the people of Katete.
He said his company is wondering how the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources has come into play now after meeting all the conditions that where earlier stipulated.