Child rights body applauds government

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Media Network on Childs Rights and Development (MNCRD) has commended government for the role it is playing in the implementation of Early Education in the country.


Executive Director Henry Kabwe told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that government has done its best to ensure that early education is well established.


Mr. Kabwe said early education was key to the development of the education sector in any country.


He therefore said early education has a tendency of laying a good foundation for the learner.


He said in the recent past, government had purchased visual aids to help in the learning process as pupils understand better if they are able to see what is being talked about.


Mr. Kabwe said visual aids also provide additional value on what a particular lesson was all about.


He has since called on government to increase the number of teachers in early education from the current 100 teachers per province to a number that will cushion the pressure.