— Macha Hospital runs out of drugs

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Macha Hospital runs out of drugs

Macha, February 7,  2015,  ZANIS——— The Macha Hospital management says  the hospital  has run out of some essential drugs and other  medical supplies.

The Hospital’s  Executive Director Abraham Mhango says the health institution was however waiting upon the Medical stores Limited  to quickly respond to its order for drugs for his institution’s  drug and medical needs.

Among the items in short supply are urine bags, Diclofinac a pain killer, Carbamazapine and combivir an anti-retro-viral drug for  children.

 This was disclosed yesterday when Southern Province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu paid a visit to the two institutions accompanied by the Provincial Medical officer, Dr. Jelita Chinyonga and other
government officials.

He however, explained that an alternative drug called Abacavor is being administered to children who take combivir while awaiting for the next consignment to arrive.

The minister visited Medical Stores in Choma to find out what was causing the delay.

And Medical Stores Hub Manager Happy Sianga explained that the consignment is received from Lusaka but that the institution had been stock taking for the past two weeks which had caused the delay by 10 working days.

He added that the drugs and other medical supplies are expected to be in by Friday next week.