Sunday Chanda dismisses suggestion that he is begging for a job from Edgar Lungu.

Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda

Patriotic Front member Sunday Chanda has dismissed as malicious and misleading the suggestion that he is begging for a job from President Edgar Lungu.

Mr. Chanda says his task is to ensure that the PF remains in power even after next year’s general elections.

Mr. Chanda has however stated that if President Lungu decides to deploy him as part of the army in the party to prepare for 2016 elections, he will gladly accept.

He says whether or not he is appointed to government is the President’s prerogative and that people spreading rumors that he is asking for a job from President Lungu should not be taken seriously.

Mr. Chanda says President Lungu knows all his lieutenants and no amount of lies can move him.


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  1. Fact # most pipo who supported pf in order to directly benefit with jobs etc are disappointed because there call goes unanswered. Sorry