Mbala records 183 dog, hyena and fox bites

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Mbala records 183 dog, hyena and fox bites

Mbala, Feb 5, 2015,ZANIS– Mbala District Commissioner Best Kabulembe is concerned about the high number of dog bites being reported in the district with 183 cases recorded last year.


ZANIS reports that Mr Kabulembe said the number of people being bitten by dogs was alarming and needed stringent interventions to control the movement of stray dogs in the area.


He was reacting to a report from the District Community Medical office presented to the District Epidemic Preparedness Committee meeting held at Grasshopper Inn Conference hall yesterday.


During the meeting, it was reported that 183 cases of dog bites, one hyena bite and one fox bite were recorded between January and December last year resulting in one death of confirmed rabies.


Mr. Kabulembe has tasked the Veterinary department to sensitize the members of the community on the importance of vaccinating their pets against rabies.


And Mbala District Medical Officer Christopher Kombe said his office was overwhelmed with the increasing number of people seeking medical treatment after being bitten by the dogs.


Dr. Kombe said his office is constrained by resources to procure anti-rabies drugs because of the low funding allocation.