2)–Women challenged to take-up male dominated jobs

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Women challenged to take-up male dominated jobs

Kasama, Feb 5, 2015, ZANIS…A 29- year-old  female bricklayer of Kasama has challenged  women folk to take-up male dominated jobs.


Mirriam Musonda, a New Town Township resident is urging Zambian women to get involved in male dominated jobs.


She said this in an interview with ZANIS in Kasama today.


Mirriam Musonda who is a bricklayer at GEOTECH construction in Kasama has called on  women not to shun the jobs but get involved alongside the male-folk.


Ms. Musonda explained that she started working with GEOTECH on last August with three other female employees but that unfortunately the other three left because they could not with stand the pressure of working with men.


Ms. Musonda also stated that she was capable of doing all that men could do at the work site  adding that she receives support from the male workmates as they do not make her feel inferior as she undertakes the carpentry, painting and plastering tasks.


And GEOTECH Construction Foreman Luka Chisha commended Musonda for her hard work and consistency on her job.


He added that working with Musonda has been a great experience and that she is even more active than men.


Mr. Chisha further encouraged all women not to choose in terms of job specialization.