18 months old baby dies in fire

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18 months old baby dies in fire

Luwingu, February 3, 2015, ZANIS- –An eighteen- months- old baby of Mpuma village in chieftainess Chungu

In Luwingu district has died in a fire that engulfed a make-shift house in which it was sleeping.


ZANIS reports that the baby was left sleeping in the house by her mother who went to fetch water from a near-by stream.


The grass thatched shelter allegedly caught fire in unexplained circumstance because the only person at the time of the inferno was a toddler of about three years old who was left to baby-sit as the mother went to draw water to prepare food.

A reliable source disclosed to ZANIS that after the makeshift house caught fire, a toddler helpless watched  engulfed in the inferno without calling for help.

The news about the unfortunate circumstance was made available to ZANIS by a member of the community who declined to be named for fear of being victimized by his relatives because the matter was not brought to the attention of the police.

The source said after the mother came from the nearby stream, she saw the shelter completely burnt down and realized at once that the baby had been caught up in the inferno.

After realizing that her child left that makeshift she called for help from the neighbours who were in maize fields nearby and when they came the makeshift shelter had collapsed totally engulfing the baby and there was nothing they could do about it as the baby had been burnt to ashes.

The source said the incident happened on  26 January 2015 and the remains of the baby have since been buried.