Aliboo refutes media claims of refusing to transport fertilize

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-The transporter engaged to
transport fertilizer from Chama to Chifunda in the valleys of Chama
district in Eastern Province have dismissed media reports that they
have refused to deliver the commodity to the depots in area.

Aliboo Trading Director, Ikrama Bux, told ZANIS in a walk in
interview in Lusaka that his tracks loaded with Urea fertilizer could not reach Chifunda depot in the valley because of the bad roads.

Mr Bux said his tracks were stack at Munyukwa, about 37 km to
Chifunda and were only retrieved after several days of trying to push
further contrary to reports that his company has refused to transport
the commodity.

He said his company has been distributing fertilizer to the valley
areas such as Chitungulu, Chikwa, Kanyelele, Mapamba, Chifunda and
surrounding areas since the inception of Fertilizer Input Support
Programme (FISP) but has this year faced a lot challenges because of the bad state of the roads.

He explained that the ‘D’ compound fertilizers were distributed before the rainy season when the roads were still passable, adding that the company is
currently trying to deliver the remaining 372 X 50 kg bags of fertilizer to the nearest point because the tracks cannot reach last
points of the valley areas.

He clarified that the company was contracted to deliver about 672 by 50kg bags of ‘D’ compound and Urea but has only managed to deliver ‘D’ compound to
the final destination and 300 by 50kg bags of urea which has been delivered to the nearest points.

Mr Bux described media reports that his company has dumped fertilizer
midway as false and misleading as the transporting company is making
efforts to ensure that it honours the contract even after facing
challenges with the roads.

He said the company has been distributing inputs in Lundazi and Chama
valley where most transporters have been shunning because of the bad
state of the roads especially during rainy season.

He added that his company is known for honouring contracts hence
government has been contracting it to deliver inputs under FISP.