3)–UCZ clergyman condemns tribalism talk

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UCZ clergyman condemns tribalism talk

Chadiza, February 3, 2015, ZANIS….A clergyman says christians were instruments and vessels of unity and must therefore not entertain any issues of tribalism because it is an evil practice.


ZANIS reports that Reverend Thomas Phiri of the United Church of Zambia said this during a church service in Chadiza yesterday.


Rev Phiri, who is United Church of Zambia Chadiza Congregation reverend in- charge, said Christians should not be part of tribalism because there is nothing like tribe when it comes to Christ.


“We are all created by God and from his image we are all created, hence there is no space for tribalism in the church”, he said.

Rev Phiri who was speaking during a church service said there is need for Christians to fight against tribalism because if people are not careful tribalism could bring about enmity and confusion in the country.


He said Christians should stand up and speak against tribalism as a way of promoting love, unity and peace.


“ Tribalism was not only experienced during the last Presidential elections, I can assure you this evil is there even in your working places, in schools and even in businesses”,  Rev Phiri said adding “As Christians we must not be part of the people that are promoting this evil, it is very shameful especially for Christians to be involved in such issues.”


He called on Christian’s country wide to pray for Zambia so that no one tempers with the unity and peace that the country has been enjoying for the past 50 years.


“Issues of tribe should not even be tolerated, let us all come together and unite because we are all one in the face of God,” said Rev Phiri.