First assignment of PF is to unite Zambians – Mulongoti

Mike Mulongoti
Mike Mulongoti

People’s party President Mike Mulongoti says the first major task for the Patriotic Front government following the elections of 20th January is to unite the people of Zambia.
Mr. Mulongoti notes that the country has emerged divided after the presidential election because certain tribes feel left out.
Mr. Mulongoti says everyone should be made to feel part of the country regardless of which political party they are coming from.

He adds that in uniting the country, government should ensure that anyone who is capable of effectively contributing to the development of the nation is taken on board regardless of tribe.
Mr. Mulongoti further states that government should take development to all parts of the country regardless of whether the ruling party got votes from such an area or not.
He has expressed confidence that President Edgar Lungu will move the country forward.


  1. Iwe the first task has been done, recongnising Sosala, second is the constitution. Uniting is the task for everyone