Alcohol abuse by youth in Chilaila village worries residents

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——Some Mungwi residents have bemoaned the escalating cases of alcohol abuse in Chilaila village in paramount Chief Chitimukulu’s area.

Kelvin Mwelwa, 56, who was flank by other villagers, complained that some people, mostly young men, were engaging themselves in drinking beer instead of working in their fields.

He told ZANIS in Kasama that it was now common to find both men and women taking alcohol, especially the locally brewed wines, as early as 06:00hours in the morning at the expense of work.

He lamented that the trend was detrimental to the development of the area because most of the people are engaged in unproductive activities.

Mr Mwelwa said the alcohol abuse has led to some people failing to work in their fields resulting in an increase in theft cases.

He appealed to Paramount Chief Chitimukulu to punish people found taking beer before 10:00hours to deter would-be offenders.