Serenje drivers commend Edgar Lungu

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–Taxi and bus drivers in Serenje district in Central Province have commended President Edger Lungu for his resolve to be a president for all Zambians regardless of who voted for him in the January 20 election.


Serenje Taxi and Bus Drivers’ Association Chairperson, Douglas Musakanya, said his association is inspired by President Lungu’s pronouncement that he would be President for all Zambians including those that did not vote for him in the just-ended Presidential by election.


Mr Musakanya observed that in a democratic dispensation, people have a right to vote for their preferred candidate therefore, it would not have been possible for everybody to have voted for Mr Lungu in the election.


He said President Lungu’s determination to embrace all Zambians is a demonstration of true leadership.


The Taxi and Drivers’ Association Chairperson, who urged President Lungu to continue having a big heart for Zambia, also thanked Zambians for electing Mr Lungu as Zambia’s sixth Republican President.


He further congratulated Mr Lungu for being elected President and urged Zambians to be patient and give Mr Lungu chance and support to develop the country.